Monday, August 10, 2015


So sad, only 3 posts so far this month. Just as I figured. My life and time is getting ugly.
So how bout some ugly tunes from Mama Tick.

If you're into Shorty, Jesus Lizard, anything on Skin Graft records... mean looking pumpkins...then you certainly need to add 'Gimme The Five Bucks' to your supply.
File under unpleasant and offensive but necessary.
(Dubious Honour - 1994)



Anonymous said...

No, there haven't been many August posts....but WHO GIVES A FUCK?!! THEY HAVE ALL BEEN QUALITY MOTHERFUCKING POSTS!!!! STATICFRACTION IS STILL THE BIGGEST DICK IN THE PUNCHBOWL, KIDDOS!!! Hang in there, killer. Life is a soul-eating, heavily-armed BITCH (most of the time), and it is our duty to HOLD OUR POSITION! I'm going through some titanium-plated shit myself, and I sympathize with you. For what it's worth, YOUR BLOG is the first thing I scan in the morning; the noisy hubbub that you spew out keeps me going (I'm a FIEND for this stuff)! Thanks for all that you do...seriously.

staticfraction said...

Best comment ever! Ha!

Thanks a shit ton for those killer and kind words!!

I'm trying to find time for this blog, as music has always been the main stay in my life, no matter what shit is flung my direction.
Rad to hear others feel the same!


Anonymous said...

too bad this only was in CD and no vinyl...

dgen said...

I like the evil Japanese inspired hate o lantern..but the noise is good too.

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