Monday, March 21, 2016

BUZZ RODEO / [PERU] SPLIT 10" (2016)

Brand new 7 song split album doohickey. 4 songs from Buzz Rodeo (Germany). 3 from [peru].
Buzz Rodeo are no strangers to the blog, I featured these old friends first full length here. This picks right up from that release and continues to reduce you into a puddle with more buzzsaw, noise wrawk in the vein of Shellac (or even Rapeman), Drive Like Jehu, and Jesus Lizard. I honestly don't know much about [peru], but its good shit and fits perfectly as a record companion and sleeping buddy with Buzz Rodeo. Complete with pushing you off the mattress onto the floor and stealing your pillows.

Also check out their 2 song Victoria 7" ep as well. 2 more nailgun blasts to the eardrums!
(Atena Krzyku Records - 2016)



Marcin W. said...

Is this the end?

Peter Tron said...

could well be

Anonymous said...

djsoup said...

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