Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I was on a short (very short) vacation for a bit.
Then I dropped everything else to watch the Chicago Blackhawks kick all kinds of ass and win the Stanley Cup!...Again! Fucking amazing series!
So I'm back to the blog now.

And speaking of sports...this was sent in by staticfraction's good friend and comrade, Ralf...this being his band.

Buzz Rodeo are a post-punk noise rock Trio from Stuttgart Germany, and Sports is their new, debut effort. Aggressive, powerful, frantic, scratching and clawing rock. 
Pure energy thwacking you in the skull and kicking you in the stumps!
You'll find some buzzsaw sounds on this tasty treat similar to Shellac, Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu.
So if'n yer into to those bands and good things to make your day better, then chug this down pronto.
(Self-released - 2015)


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Haluk said...

Ralf is doing it again - with a great drummer at his side. Emphasis on R O C K